New from Klas: Rahat Lokum in three different Flavors and attractive Design

rahatIn the year that marks its 115th birthday, the food industry Klas Ltd. Sarajevo decided to delight their customers with another new product – rahat lokum (a sweet delicacy in BiH very similar to Turkish delight). The assortment of oriental sweets of Klas was completed with rahat lokum in three flavors (rose, walnut, and mix). This product is entirely domestic, starting from the recipes and raw materials, to design and packaging.

“With Bosnian lokum, Tahan halva and traditional cakes and cookies, placing rahat lokum on the market was a logical thing to do. As true guardians of our tradition, we wanted to offer high-quality domestic rahat lokum to our customers. We have been working on this project for a long time, starting from the selection of the best raw materials to great design and packaging, because we believe that the market of BiH needs this traditional product in a modern design. The design itself is unique, and it is based on the traditional Bosnian motifs, which can be found in old carpets and other woven products from the period of medieval BiH. The first reactions of our consumers already show that the product is very well accepted. We got all the praise for the taste of our rahat lokum,” explained Senaida Tabic, the director of sales in Klas.

The word “lokum” (delight) comes from the Turkish language and means pleasure for the throat. Rahat lokum arrived at this region more than 500 years ago, and it was served exclusively to high class at the court. It used to be packed in silk and brought to court. Today, drinking Bosnian coffee with rahat lokum and other oriental sweets has become a real ritual in households all across our country. It is custom to serve it to dear guests and dear friends.

“Rahat lokum is a favorite sweet delicacy in the Arab countries, as well as in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia and Macedonia, and therefore, we expect good export results for our new product as well. We are proud of the tradition of BiH, and we are also creating a new generation of consumers of good old traditional products,” said Nihad Imsirovic, the director of Klas.

The quality of Rahat lokum by Klas is guaranteed by strict certifications ISO and HACCP, and the halal certificate, which was confirmed by the Agency for Halal Quality Certification in BiH, gives additional value to this product.


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