New Investment from Dubai: Equipment worth 5 Million BAM

April 15, 2016 12:15 PM

12987917_1155586777825610_1960492286_nLeadership of Bosnaplod Brčko signed yesterday in Brčko a contract on the procurement of equipment worth five million BAM with suppliers from Slovenia and Serbia. Agricultural giant, who was bought last year by the investment fund from Dubai following the consulting services of the BBI Bank, will get the latest equipment for production and processing of fruits and vegetables. The launching of production in the Brčko factory is a continuation of a large Project of Agricultural Development launched at the Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF).

The multimillion contracts open a new era in Bosnaplod’s history, because with these contracts the production of final products that have never been produced before in this company with 68 years of tradition will also begin. Procured equipment is for the production of semi-products, i.e. deep frozen mushy fruit blocks needed for the production of mushy fruit juices, marmalades and jams, then equipment for warm processing of fruit that gives different kinds of jams, juices and baby food. We have also procured equipment for production of dehydrated fruit, as well as for deep frozen fruit. It is clear that with the new equipment the company will significantly increase the volume of production and also the assortment of high-quality products. All these activities point to how great capacity Bosnaplod will be not only in BiH, but in the region as well,” stated Muharem Salihbašić, director of operations in Bosnaplod.

The conference was also attended by the Director of the BBI bank Amer Bukvić, who expresses satisfaction with the fact that precisely the Sarajevo Business Forum, together with the BBI VIP Club, was the launcher of this exceptionally positive story for BiH economy. Bukvić reminded that, upon the proposal by the BBI consultants, the foreign investor bought Bosnaplod in July 2015 with the aim of launching enormous potentials of BiH economy and animating domestic producers of fruit and vegetables to produce, by granting them a certain purchase.

“This is a big day for Bosnaplod and this region. We are happy that the initiatives launched at the Sarajevo Business Forum are implemented and that we made huge steps forward. Bosnaplod opens the door to local and regional producers, sending a message to them that whatever they grow now has a market,” stated Amer Bukvić. Bukvić invited the businessmen to actively participate in the 7th Sarajevo Business Forum which is to be held in the capital of BiH on May 4 and 5.



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