New Convocation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina formed


The House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia- Herzegovina appointed on Monday a new convocation of the Council of Ministers of BiH chaired by Zoran Tegeltija from SNSD party.

Twenty-nine deputies voted in favor of the decision, eight against, while one abstained. The Ministers pledged to conscientiously carry out their duties, to respect the Constitution of Bosnia-Herzegovina, to implement the General Framework Agreement for Peace and its annexes in full, to protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to care for the interests and equality of all peoples and citizens. Deputy Ministers of the BiH Council of Ministers also took oaths.

More than a year after the presidential and parliamentary elections, state parliamentarians have finally appointed a new convocation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

At session, deputies confirmed the appointment of Bisera Turkovic (SDA) as BiH’s Foreign Minister, Stasa Kosarac (SNSD) as BiH Economic Affairs Minister, Vjekoslav Bevanda (HDZ) as BiH Finance and Treasury minister, Vojin Mitrovic (SNSD) for BiH Minister of Communications and Transport, Ankica Gudeljevic (HDZ) for BiH Minister of Civil Affairs, Josip Grubesa (HDZ) for BiH Minister of Justice, Fahrudin Radoncic (SBB) for BiH Minister of Security and Sifet Podzic (DF) for BiH Minister of Defense, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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