Nevesinje gets a 8.5 Hectare Business Area for the future Investors

The former complex of the Velez-Botin Wood Industry in Nevesinje will soon become a business zone. This is planned by the Regulatory Plan Botin, which should be adopted by the end of September 2018, as it was confirmed by the independent expert associate for spatial planning and ecology of the Municipality of Nevesinje, Miljan Djurasovic.

As he pointed out, the former wood industry, located just a kilometre from the city, went bankrupt and after several unsuccessful privatizations, it was sold to investors.

“They now want to sell facilities and building land to other investors. In order to do it and divide the land, because the factory is currently on one plot, it is envisaged that this plan will divide the complex into a larger number of smaller plots, and will function in the future as a unique economic zone. The total surface area of ​​the complex is 8.5 hectare, “ Djurasovic pointed out.

Given that there are already interested investors for individual objects within the complex, as Djurasovic adds, the realization of the plan will start immediately after the adoption.

“The complex of former factory was equipped with complete infrastructure, but given that the plan envisages the formation of a large number of independent manufacturing and business plants, there is a need for increasing the capacity of existing infrastructure, as well as for building new roads within the zone,” said Djurasovic.

He adds that the Municipality of Nevesinje can not provide benefits for the future investors when purchasing land, because it is privately owned land.

We found out that the Regulatory Plan Botin also envisages the construction of residential and residential-business facilities in one part of the complex.



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