Mr. Hodzic: Participation in the Peace Mission is the culmination of Military Career

December 5, 2017 1:15 PM

Ahmedin Hodzic, the non-commissioned officer for personnel at the Military Intelligence Battalion of the Armed Forces of BiH spent six months in a peacekeeping mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in the regional command North with the headquarters in Mazarin Sharif.

“The experience of participating in the peace mission is priceless because being engaged and working in a multinational environment brings certain challenges and benefits but it is also very specific. In the period from September 2, 2015, to March 14, 2016, I participated in a peace keeping mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in the regional command North with the headquarters in Mazari Sharif. During that period, in the peace keeping mission participated military forces from a total of 21 countries, most of which were members of NATO and some partner countries. During my engagement in the mission, I met some new procedures, working manners and functioning in the NATO environment, as well as new cultures, different traditions, and all of that was very interesting. You encounter certain difficulties in the work from time to time as well, such as climate and adaptation to the new environment,” stated Ahmedin.

“Participation in the peace keeping mission represents the culmination of a military career. The greatest success that you can achieve in your military career is to be elected by your state and proudly present it in peace keeping operations. That is a great obligation because you are honored to be chosen to represent your country. Another great advantage is working in a multinational environment where you can meet new cultures, customs and friends from other countries. Moreover, you will also meet new standards and working methods. Therefore, the participation in a peace keeping mission in these segments represents a priceless life and military experience. For me, the biggest difficulty during my mission was to be separated from my family because, as much as you prepare for it, you miss your family during your mission at a certain point,” stated Hodzic.

He stated that everyone who has the desire to work in a multinational environment should not hesitate for a second, because participation and engagement in peacekeeping missions can bring everyone more benefits than loses.

“Participation in a peacekeeping mission will give you the opportunity to achieve priceless life and military experience, and there is no need to be afraid of responsibilities because I can assure you that members of the AF BiH are more than capable and very well trained and they are able to successfully perform tasks in peace keeping operations and they can professionally respond to all challenges,” concluded Hodzic.







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