Movie Team “Seasons of War” Arrived to Sarajevo

May 16, 2014 11:30 AM

seasons_of_warDirector Seda Egridere from Turkey and producer Zach Nikodemus from Great Britain are the leaders of the international team which will record the movie “Seasons of War”.

The story follows the young married couple, Muslim Damir and Christian Jelena, in Sarajevo, in period from spring 1992 until winter 1995. Even though they see themselves as Yugoslovenians and happily participate in the cultural traditions and mutual religious events, soon will the conflict bring this small family on the very tough decisions.

Scenario was written by rewarded Mark Harley, in cooperation with Seda, who found inspiration from the story in “real” Jelena, taking into consideration that the story is based on the real life event.

The movie team is currently in the casting phase, looking for the main roles and the casting is held in Sarajevo and Belgrade.

Movie “Seasons of War” will be partially financed by the donations, namely over the fund raising web site “IndieGoGo”. Movie team hopes that they will manage to record a movie in the planned budget, without cutting or deleting the scenes. Movie will have a premiere on this year Sarajevo Film Festival.

(Source: Fena)

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