Mostar to get an attractive Residential Complex with Indoor Pool?

April 29, 2018 12:00 PM

An attractive residential complex on the coast of Neretva in Mostar will be constructed by the company Cesar’s Residence, and the estimated amount of the investment is 7 million BAM. The complex was presented at this year’s Fair of Economy in Mostar, and it should be completed by the end of February 2019, according to the representatives of that company.

It will have 20 apartments, and it will offer luxury contents such as an indoor swimming pool and a fitness hall.

The first and second floors will have seven apartments, while two penthouses will be located in the attic.

The total surface of the building will be 4,921 square meters. The project was done by the company Entasis, and the contractors are companies Amitea, Gramer and Cesar’s Residence.

“The highest quality materials were used for the construction of the building in order to achieve the highest energy efficiency,” as noted by the investors.

They also noted that the complex will also have a backyard with a playground for children that will be oriented towards Neretva River, which is planned as a space for relaxation of its residents.

They added that the location of the building also has numerous advantages.

“The apartments are located in the city center, but it still gives the opportunity to enjoy your peace in the natural beauty of Neretva, away from usual crowds, noise and stress. Numerous service and tourist contents are located near the complex, as well as banks, public transport, and the famous Old Town of Mostar.









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