Mostar Airport is planing flights to Vienna and Istanbul?

November 25, 2016 8:00 AM

airport mostarThe following year could be a turning point in the development of airports in our country, given that they have already started to invest in new projects. In Banja Luka will soon start construction of a new cargo warehouse and expansion of the airport building. Airport Tuzla prepared the project of reconstruction of the passenger terminal, and while waiting the money for its realization, Mostar Airport is finalizing that kind of investment as well. According to Marin Raspudic, director of Mostar International Airport, they are entering the year of 2017 with a new look and better equipment.

“With the reconstruction, the passenger terminal will get significantly improved quality of service for all passengers. Our guests are mostly tourists who travel to Medjugorje, and among them are older people. After the renovation, the terminal building will be adapted for the physically handicapped persons, and we will provide the ambulance vehicle for medical purposes,” said Raspudic.

Mostar Airport provided the money for this investment, about half a million BAM, from IPA funds. If everything goes according to plan, Raspudic says that works on the building should be completed by the end of the year, which will be followed by the opening ceremony.

Mostar Airport is planning to purchase new equipment that they were lacking in the previous period. The director of the airport stated that the Government of FBiH provided this money in 2016.

“It is equipment for aircraft, passengers and goods, which we need in order to retain our position as an international operator. Part of the money has already been transferred, we will get a lift to the reception of persons with disabilities and in this context,” said Raspudic.

Given that development of Mostar Airport is not possible without the arrival of low-cost company, director of the airport said that their focus will be on that in the coming period.

“We are planning two airlines, Vienna and Istanbul, because there are real needs for them. Low-cost companies are looking for co-financing lines from the local community, and this time we have our support and I believe that we will succeed. However, our studies will show how much money we need, and how much the project is justified and feasible.”

This project already turned out to be successful in BiH. Tuzla International Airport opened similar airlines, for which the Government of Canton Tuzla spent 700,000 BAM.

Currently there are three lines from the Airport in Mostar, to Rome, Bari and Naples. These are charter flights organized by Air Service. Most passengers are coming from Italy, Lebanon and Ireland, who are mainly visiting Medjugorje, and in the coming period is expected more tourists from Poland.




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