Migrants: We finally have better Living Conditions

Most of the migrants and refugees staying at the Lipa site near Bihac are housed in prepared tents of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are no more people under the open sky, considering that those who are not yet in military tents are staying in containers, former work offices of employees of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Snow and temperature minuses somewhat slowed down the works on the final equipment of the tent settlement, although a significant part of the work was completed. Electricity supply, tent heating, tent space for food distribution have been provided, while containers for medical assistance will be ready very soon.

The issue of the sanitary facilities, ie the space for showering and maintaining hygiene, has also been resolved. “We finally have better living conditions. We have beds and heating in tents. We will soon be able to take a shower as people. We get food and water regularly. Let’s face it, this is far from a normal living space, but it is certainly better than it used to be, ”said Ahmed from Afghanistan.

Volunteers of the Red Cross of the City of Bihac and Una-Sana Canton, as well as members of the humanitarian organization “SOS” from Bihać distribute food, hot tea, water and clothing on a daily basis. “We try to provide all the necessities of life for these people. We currently have a problem with frostbite and the consequences of not being able to maintain personal hygiene, however we will solve this with these improved conditions and shower space. The working space for our doctors and medics should be completed soon, so the situation is definitely getting better “, said Zlatan Kovacevic from the humanitarian organization” SOS “.

The area of ​​the camp and the plot with military tents is now completely under the strict control of the Service for Foreigners Affairs of BiH and police officers, so that entry is possible only with special permission.

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