Miralem Sabic is a True Hero of Bosnia

In difficult and uncertain times, according to an unwritten rule, people appear who amaze the whole world with their act. And it is almost always so. Miralem Sabic Mika from Konjic is one of those people.

He voluntarily transports oxygen bottles, from Sarajevo, every day for coronavirus-infected patients housed in a makeshift detention center in Konjic.

They say when they see him with bottles in his van, the sun shines on them.

And Mika says in his style for “Avaz” that they are more happy for him than for the doctors.

”It’s nothing special. The most important thing for me is that our neighbors are well and healthy,” Mika says.

Everyone has only words of praise for him, even the director of the hospital, Suzana Sokolović-Begic.

”If I could, I would give him 10 times the salary. There is no unsolvable problem for him,” says the director.

Watch the video.

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