Miracle: Four-year-old Mia speaks English as native Language (video)

November 20, 2017 2:00 PM

While watching cartoons, a four-year-old Mia Petijevic from Trebinje, learned English to such a degree, that today she speaks it almost as her native language.

The English language teachers from the Educational Center, which Mia attends, say that this girl speaks English fluently as if she grew up in the United States, and that is undoubtedly a great talent, reports RTRS.

This wouldn’t be strange if Mia grew up in bilingual area or if English language was actively spoken in her home. But, she learned everything by herself while watching cartoons, and her unusual talent was discovered quite accidentally by her family.

English language teachers and experts claim that Mia fluently speaks and has knowledge as an average high school student. Sometimes in communication with her parents she uses English word instead of Serbian. She talks about cartoons, favorite dolls and games with grandpa Milan from Canada. He says that Mia speaks English better than he speaks Serbian, and she is not different from her peers in Canada with this pronunciation and accent.

This four-year-old quickly absorbs new words and uses them without any mistakes in the conversation. In order to improve her knowledge, she has been attending the English language course recently. She is the youngest, but also the best student there,  it is said in a foreign languages school.

Mia is the greatest proof that it is possible to learn a lot through play and watching cartoons. Maybe one day she will be an English language professor, and if not, it is obvious that she can talk to peers from all over the world without any problems now. We can only imagine what will happen when Mia learns to write and read her native language or starts watching cartoons in German, Italian or Spanish.


(Source: radiosarajevo.ba, photo kurir.rs)



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