Miracle Child from BiH: He solves complex Mathematical Tasks by heart

November 13, 2017 11:00 AM

Ilija Micic (17), a student of the third grade of the Gymnasium at the Secondary School Center Jovan Cvijic in Modrica, is able to solve complex mathematical operations by heart.

“Usually they are different number operations, such as summation, subtraction, multiplication, etc.”, said Ilija Micic.

When asked are there any limits to what he can solve, he said that he thinks that everybody has the limit of his talent. He needs more time for larger numbers, sometimes he also decides to use a piece of paper and a pen, but he does not need much more time.

“I was always good at math. It helps me in everyday life, like when I need to calculate something or to determine a length, weight, or something like that,” said Ilija Micic.

Besides the school program, Ilija Micic is often working with new operations, and he is “doing something related to math” every day, in order to see things that he never saw before.

Ilija’s mother, Petra Micic, believes that Ilija inherited his talent for mathematics from his father’s family.

She added that everyone who knows mathematics and had the opportunity to meet Ilija said that he has a unique talent and that he can do a lot with it.

“We are very proud. Ilija is not only good at math, he is a great kid, a child that anyone would wish for a son,” said his mother.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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