Minister of Security of BiH revealed Data on the Number of BH Citizens on Foreign Battles

October 26, 2017 12:15 PM

The House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH is considering the Information on the State of Security of BiH in the year of 2016.

While addressing the delegates, Minister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektic stated that the overall security situation in BiH is at the level of the past and even previous years.

“When we sublime all the data and indicators, especially regarding the total number of criminal offenses, maybe we could give a concrete estimate since there are a total of 6.3 % less reported criminal offenses in comparison to 2015,” said Minister Mektic.

According to him, we might get a wrong picture of the overall state of security if we observe only statistical data, “but it is necessary to observe all indicators from several security spheres, such as terrorism, radicalism, extremism and general criminality.”

Minister Mektic also talked about radicalism, violent extremism and terrorism.

“Although we can say that we have not had any criminal offenses in the field of terrorism, terrorist attacks or serious terrorist incidents in the last two years, we cannot say that we have eliminated terrorism as a threat to BiH, since we have a problem of radicalism and violent extremism present in BiH and it is manifested in the activities of our citizens on the foreign battlefields, who are fighting within various paramilitary, parapolice and even terrorist organizations,” noted Minister Mektic.

He added that currently “we have about 115 of our citizens still in Syria and Iraq, and we have four of our citizens who are or were in Ukraine.”

Minister Mektic also stated that we are paying great attention to the prevention of terrorism.




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