Member of Border Police accepted Gift in order to allow Citizens of Netherlands to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina


Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has issued an Indictment against Kenan Nikontović, born in 1984 in Zenica, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The accused is charged with requesting and accepting a gift so that he does not perform an action which he was obliged to perform as part of his authority, on 13 July 2019, at the Brod International Border Crossing, which he did for the purpose of acquiring unlawful gain and in his capacity of an authorized official person of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina assigned to the position of a border control police officer within the Brod Border Police Unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while carrying out the border control duties related to the entry to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Indictment alleges that, on the aforementioned date, while checking the travel documents from passengers – spouses from the Netherlands, the accused requested and accepted a gift in order to allow them to cross the state border, although he was aware, having completed the necessary border checks, that they fulfilled the conditions for legal entry to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The accused is charged with the commission of the criminal offense of Accepting Gifts and Other Forms of Benefit referred to in Article 217, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Indictment has been forwarded to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for confirmation.


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