Marshal Peach emphasized NATO’s Support to Armed Forces of BiH

The Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colonel General Senad Masovic, talked with the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Air Marshal Sir Stuart William Peach yesterday.

During the telephone conversation, General Masovic informed Marshal Peach about the current situation, heavy training activities and operations of the BiH Armed Forces in the country and abroad, with special emphasis on the activities and participation of members of the BiH Armed Forces in the NATO-led peace support operation in Afghanistan.

As he pointed out, the Armed Forces of BiH, even in these difficult situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, were efficient and did not stop performing their activities, in accordance with the legally defined mission and tasks, approved by the competent institutions of BiH.

Among other things, he emphasized the engagement in helping the population and civilian structures in the fight against the pandemic, as well as in emergency assistance activities such as air rescue and firefighting assistance, with a view to providing assistance to vulnerable migrants and contributing to mitigating the migrant crisis in BiH.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defense, this was also an opportunity for General Masovic, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, to present the results in training and exercises, highlighting the successfully implemented NEL-1 assessment of the Light Infantry Battalion Group (INF-L-BNG ), whereby the AF BiH raises its level of interoperability with NATO standards and procedures and improves the quality of training, with the aim of achieving full interoperability and the ability of the AF BiH to participate in future NATO-led operations.

Marshal Peach praised the engagement of members of the AF BiH so far, both in NATO and EU-led missions, emphasizing their significant contribution to building peace and security in the world. He expressed satisfaction with the results achieved so far by the AF BiH, which showed their participation in missions, and high-quality grades obtained during the execution of training tasks, primarily in the implementation of NEL-1 assessment INF-L-BNG.

As he said, the NATO Military Committee highly values ​​the BiH Armed Forces at the international level as an important element of the state of BiH and the results achieved both in BiH and outside BiH.

On behalf of the NATO Military Committee, Marshal Peach emphasized the support and readiness to create additional packages of support for the AF BiH from NATO, as well as the full support of the AF BiH in carrying out the mission and tasks defined by law.

Among other things, he expressed support for holding this year’s Conference of Chiefs of Defense of the Balkans (B-9) in BiH, and additionally assessed its importance for improving regional military cooperation, at which the support of the NATO Military Committee and the EU Military Committee will be expressed.

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