Marko from Tomislavgrad returned disappointed from Germany

November 10, 2017 2:00 PM

There is a monument for so-called guest workers at the bus station in Tomislavgrad. That is how a video on Deutche Welle about young Marko Bagaric, who left his native Tomislavgrad for Germany, begins.

After half a year in Munich, Marko returned to his native city, after realizing that life there isn’t for him.

“During the week – from Monday to Friday – you just go to work, come home, sleep and wake up tomorrow to do the same job again. On Fridays and Saturdays, you go out. But you live from paycheck to paycheck,” a disappointed Marco told Deutche Welle.

Nonetheless, he liked some things in Germany: “By the age of 20, everyone takes you seriously about you and no one gives you a hassle if you do your job right.”

While living in Munich, Marko changed six jobs in six months.

“I’ve always dreamed of returning, walking my dog, seeing my friends, drinking coffee with them. I was not interested in anything that would form me, so I was empty inside,” he realized.

After experiencing life in Germany, Marko concludes: “Here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have a good father and grandfather. I have everything I can want and I can make something of myself here. After all, I was born here. I do not think I need to talk more about why I came back. I am staying in BiH, I will form myself as a person, I will go to University, I will work and be satisfied with the life I will lead.”



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