Marko Dragic, the only BH Scientist in the publication Who’s Who in the World

March 16, 2015 1:15 PM

Marko DragicAmong more than 60.000 reputable and influential persons from the human activity who have participated in the publication Who’s Who in the World,  that is published every day by the prominent US Marquis, the name of the university professor Marko Dragic, as the only scientists from Bosnia and Herzegovina appeared as well.

In the publication Who’s Who in the World in the last two years, prof. Sr. Marko Dragic is the only one from the scientific community of BiH and at the same time, the only non-political person from our country decided by Marquis editors to be included in its collection of biographic data.

“It was a big surprise for me, and also a honor because it is obvious that someone out of this areas appreciate what I was doing and what I am doing in my scientific career. I believe that it can be  a stimulus for all enthusiasts who decided to dedicate to the science in such BiH where the science is in the third plan and little or not at all is being invested in science“, said prof. Dr. Dragic.

Until now, prof. Dr. Dragic published 117 scientific articles, and 135 displays, literary critics and popular works in Croatia, BiH, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Australia, Canada and other countries. He gave several expertise at HTV, BHT and other TV stations, radio stations, and daily newspaper. He is also an expert at the Ministry of Science of Montenegro. He is an author of ten scientific books, university textbooks and manuals.

During his scientific career, prof. Dr. Marko Dragic managed to record and preserve the great part of the cultural heritage, but also to motivate students to record a lot of examples of intangible cultural heritage in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The president of the Republic of Croatia, awarded with the Order of the Croatian Trefoil and the Homeland Gratitude.


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