Marina Pendeš: the Aim of B&H is to Keep the Actual Level of Engagement in the Peacekeeping Missions of the UN

October 21, 2014 5:30 PM

news-2014-January-marina_pendes_775118523Belgrade – the Deputy Minister of defence of B&H, Marina Pendeš, in her speech during the Regional meeting on increasing the participation of the Western Balkans countries in the UN’s peacekeeping missions held in Belgrade, said that the B&H’s point of view regarding the engagement is the following:

“We will try to keep the actual level of engagement in the NATO peacekeeping missions and to investigate possibilities of increasing our participation in the peacekeeping operations of the UN, which is provided to us by this round table too.” – reported the Anadolu Agency.

Pedeš also offered the support by the Ministry of defence and by the Armed forces of B&H in the form of engagement by the Centre for training in peacekeeping operations, Centre for demining of the AF of B&H and by participating in the projects concerning building regional capacities such as Balkan medical forces – was stated from the Ministry of defence of B&H.

The two days lasting meeting should encourage and stimulate the participants to increase their national contribution and improve regional cooperation at the Western Balkans by sending forces to the peacekeeping missions of the UN so that this region, which in the past used to import forces, could start to export them and contribute in that way to the international peace and stability around the world.

The delegation of the Ministry of defence and Armed Forces of B&H, beside the Deputy Minister Marina Pendeš, consisted of Siniša Ostojić, colonel and high adviser for peacekeeping operations in the Ministry of defence of B&H and Jasmin Čajić, colonel and commander of the Centre for training in the peacekeeping operations.

Other high representatives of the UN in the sector of peacekeeping operations and high officials of the region’s countries, EU, OSCE and NATO also attended the meeting along with Ivica Dačić, Serbian Minister of foreign affairs who held a lecture.

(Source: /AA)

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