Manager of DEI talked about the progress towards the EU: Findings from the report of the European Commission must be included in the work program

Analysing what has been done in the process of EU integration of BiH in 2012, manager of the Directorate of the European Integration of BiH Nevenka Savić said to FENA that the beginning of 2012 was marked by the adoption of two important system laws for the EU integration.

Those are the Law on the State Aid, which was an obligation under the Stabilisation and Association Agreement and Population Census Law which is important in planning all the activities related to the process of the EU integration.

Savić said concerning the system of State Aid, that all the members of the Council for State Aid were elected and we expect that after the adoption of Rules of Procedure everything starts functioning.
In terms of professional tasks in the process of integration, which is coordinated by the Department, the process of programming pre-accession assistance IPA allocation for the 2012 and 2013 has been completed.

Also, important ”exercises” were held this year, which are a kind of simulation of responses to the questionnaire we’ll receive upon submission of a credible membership application.

The exercises were about the coordination of institutions in preparing answers to the questionnaire in the field of public procurement and environmental protection
That was the activity of the Road map, which was given to the representatives of BiH and a session of High-level dialogue on EU accession, held in June in Brussels.

The answers are ready and will be submitted to the European Commission when time comes.

Savić said that, in the last quarter of the year, the competent institutions have in a very short period, prepared he answers the questionnaire of the European Commission in the field of plant health, and potato sector.
The purpose of the questionnaire is that the European Commission assesses the ability of potato transit from BiH in third countries through the territory of Croatia after it becomes a member of the EU.

Set of regulations regarding the export of animal products in the domestic and EU markets (after 1 July) was adopted which created a legal framework to establish a formal system of the food chain, which is one of the activities necessary to expand the export list of products originating in BiH.

The conditions for the continuation of honey exports to Croatia have been created, and confirmation of this is just a matter of the administrative procedures of the European Union.

Savic said that in October an inter-institutional team was formed in order to prepare the document on the mechanism of coordination in BiH, which helped in the solution of this issue of paramount importance for the integration process.

When it comes to activities in 2013, Savic said that the responsibilities and recommendations of the Council of Ministers to all the institutions in BiH that the reports by the European Commission on the progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012 must be included in the work program for the coming year, so that the realization of the obligations in the process is recorded as a progress report to the European Commission next year.

In addition to the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Sejdić-Finci, a key element for EU application is the satisfactory level of implementation of the Interim Agreement on trade and trade related issues.

Savić noted that from an expert aspect of integration, it is essential that the mechanism of coordination should be agreed upon as soon as possible, and on that basis BiH starts preparing the Integration program, which would include all the planning documents related to the EU integration and largely facilitate the implementation and monitoring of the process of integration.

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