Major Incident at Sarajevo Airport between BiH Border Police and Erdogan’s Security

A major incident occurred today at Sarajevo International Airport when there was a conflict between members of the Border Police of BiH and members of the personal insurance of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This was confirmed for “Avaz” by Zoran Galic, Director of the Border Police of BiH. As it is learned by Avaz, ten men from security participated in the conflict that threatened to undergo heavy physical confrontation.

“They were aggressive, they behaved as if they were in their own country. They do not respect our laws at all. They declined to obey the regular controls. They should all be detained and deprived of liberty,” Galic said.

According to him, the representatives of the BiH Presidency delegation have also witnessed this inconvenience.

“Everyone must be clear that no matter what they are doing, they must obey the laws of this country,” Galic pointed out.

Allegedly, members of Turkish security pulled out weapons and put it on the belt.

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