“Lukomir“ Village opened its Doors to Tourist

May 12, 2015 12:15 PM

lukomir2Up to three meters high layers of snow have been blocking the path to the Bjelasnica village “Lukomir“, but the road was passable for vehicles on the 1st May, and houses at 1.495 meters above the sea level are unlocked again.

“Mayor of the Municipality Trnovo, Ibro Berilo, helped us by engaging the machinery for snow removal“, said Mujo Maslesa, whose house in one of 22 houses that were locked in December last year after which the village sunk into the winter dream.

“Villgers who eagerly awaited the return to the village due to grazing of their herds and seeding works, are especially happy“, said Maslesa adding that he received dozens of phone calls of his neighbors who asked whether the road is passable.

There is around 3.000 sheep and cows in Lukomir’s barns in 15 households.

Maslesa said that if machinery was not engaged, the road would not be passable until the mid-June.

Villager of Lukomir spent this, the fourth consecutive winter, in Tarcin, Hadzici and Vlakovo because the village was blocked from November to May due to several meters high drifts of snow.

Lukomir is the only inhabited place in BiH at 1.300 meters above the seal level and the last real Bosnian village with houses of stone covered with shingles.

At the south slopes of Bjelasnica and the brink of the Rakitnica canyon, for which ecologists say that is unique in Europe, lovers of nature and mountaineering, cyclists and motorcyclists hike Lukomir and enjoy in the beautiful landscape from spring to the late autumn.

Lukomir is among the top destinations in all brochures for rural tourism.

(Source: seebiz.net)


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