Look how BiH responded to the European Commission’s Questionnaire

After yesterday’s delivery ceremony to the representatives of the European Commission (EC), responses of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to the EC Questionnaire are publicly available on the website of the Directorate for European Integration (DEI).

The responses to Questionnaire represent the result of hard work and engagement of institutions at all levels of authority. During the preparation of the responses to 3.242 questions from the EC Questionnaire, during the 14 months in 35 working groups there were 1.083 civil servants from all levels of authority, who were named to 1.600 positions (some servants participated in the work of several working groups for the European integration).

Besides them, 15 members of the Commission for European Integration and 20 members of the College for European Integration were involved in the work process. 70 body meetings were held in the coordination mechanism during the technical finalization of the responses. A total of 20.037 pages of responses were prepared. In addition to the responses and attachments, 1.151 acts (laws, bylaws, etc.) were given, which were referred to in the responses.

Besides the responses of the BiH institutions, the EC also received responses of civil society organizations on 177 questions from the EC Questionnaire. The Directorate, symbolically according to the number of chapters, abstracted and allowed the citizens to answer on 35 questions of general life significance.

5.347 responses of BiH citizens were collected, who were also given to the EC. The Questionnaire is an instrument used by the EC, in order to prepare the opinion on BiH’s application for membership in the European Union, and the responses to Questionnaire questions are one of the sources of information that the EC will use in tha process.



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