Little Bear found in East Sarajevo, Hunters saved his Life

June 7, 2017 8:30 AM

little bearMembers of the hunting society “Trebevic” from East Sarajevo found a little bear on the field Petrovic near East Sarajevo, as confirmed by the hunter Ognjen Gengo.

“I found little bear last night and we transported him to the Veterinary clinics “Vetanova” in East Sarajevo. Veterinarians fought for his life because he was attacked by insects and parasites,” said Gengo.

“According to the experience of older hunters and according to the science, bears only leave their young when forced. There are some indications on illegal hunting, but there is no concrete evidence yet. The police is doing its job and everyone is informed,” said Gengo.

“We will do what the law stipulates and we will do our best to find him a good home. His release in nature would be, in our opinion, bad for him, because he will eventually get used to people, which might result in a bad outcome,” said Gengo.

He noted that competent institutions will be informed in accordance with the law, and they will decide on the fate of a little bear.

“Anyways, we are all trying to find him right home. My personal wish is for it to be in the area of East Sarajevo,” stated Gengo.



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