Life Sentence For Mladic, but What Message Does it Send to Other War Criminals?

November 24, 2017 8:45 AM

Today, Ratko Mladic, the Ex Bosnian-Serb Commander received a life sentence for his crimes during the Bosnian War. The Hague’s UN Tribunal convicted him on 10 of the 11 charges of genocide and mass atrocity. When the verdict was read out on national television many erupted with cheers. The support group Mothers of Srebrenica said that it was “partially satisfied”, while some relatives of those lost thought that Mladic deserved a harsher punishment. It was reported by the media, that shortly before the verdict was read out, that the 74 year old was heard screaming “You are all liars. You are all liars,” before being removed from the courtroom.

But with Mladic now serving his sentence, 22 years after the fact, what message does this send to other war criminals who have not yet been held accountable? For Bashar-Al-Assad? For the now Ex-President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe? Will they too be convicted for their crimes and would allow for their countries and their people to heal. And if so, when.

Written by By Elizabeth Pennington


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