Life returns in Foca with the Construction of Aladza Mosque

Aladža Mosque Works vakuf.baFoca without Aladza Mosque was like a body without a soul. With the construction of the mosque of universal beauty, it’s every stone and wall, life was brought back to the town, as it also happened with Atik Alipasina mosque and Careva mosque, the most impressive among the mosques in Foca. Foca recognized the need to renovate these facilities since it is much more beautiful with them, according to the Mufti of Gorazde, Remzija Pitic.

“The concept of development of any community in a time when the facilities were built was linked with the mosque, the street was built around it, and together with the street, the life and human civilization were built as well. I’m glad and I’m proud to belong to the people who build and love what we build, and know how to appreciate our culture, traditions and architecture,” said Pitic.

“The construction of Aladza Mosque is the greatest joy and blessing and we hope that it will decorate our Foca once again,” said Salem Cemo, the President of the Majlis of Islamic Community of Foca.

One of the most beautiful mosques of Foca near Cehotina River was built by Hasan Nazir, resident of Foca who served to the Turkish authorities and he built Aladza after his return to Foca, a mosque of large dimensions and a masterpiece of oriental architecture. Because of the beauty of its interior, it was also called Sarena Dzamija (Colorful Mosque). It is a symbol of the city to people of Foca. There were worshiping the God and praying in front of the doors and meet up, socialize and lived next to the beautiful fountain.

The construction is going as planned, as confirmed by Hajro Tanovic, head of the construction site. The works are very demanding, they are using methods of the old masters to incorporate the remains of the mosque. Top masters of Mostar “Bisini”, which is a subcontractor, are engaged on the works.

“There is Hajji Alija, who worked on the minaret of Ferhadija Mosque, then another Alija who worked on Careva mosque in Nevesinje, Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Trebinje and others. We restored 13 to 15 mosques. It is complex job but they are good masters and we do not have any doubts in the authenticity. This mosque is perhaps more beautiful than the Ferhadija and it is the largest monument after it, with a lot of decorations and refined details, characteristic mihrab (place for leader of the prayer), entry and exit portal to the mosque, beautiful arches that can be seen at the entrance porch, lined windows, a number of other details who made her beauty of architecture of that era but also the present time,” said Tanovic.

“We are mostly making Turkish minarets over 500 years old and stone minarets, over 30 of them. Each one of them is specific, starting from the stone, because 99 % is taken from the area where the mosque is, and stone here is taken from Miljevina. Aladza is special. I have not been here before but I’ve heard it’s beautiful, and it is my honor and pleasure to give my contribution to its construction,” said Alija Emzo, chief master on the minaret.

He worked on the Old Bridge in Mostar and Bridge in Visegrad as well. Many will say that the construction is better today, but he admits that the art of the old masters is still unreachable. Construction of the mosque is financed by Rijaset of the Islamic Community of BiH and the Directorate of Waqfs of the Republic of Turkey.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)

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