Legend says that the ancient Romans were stunned by the Beauty of Una River


Clean water and air, local cuisine and hospitality, and the cult of personality of Josip Broz Tito, bring tourists from all over the world.

This destination is a special challenge for fishermen because, as locals claim, the fish is intelligent and rarely took the bait.

Legend says that the ancient Romans, warriors who have been through many warfare and conquest and somehow hardened on their trips and lost their sense of beauty, were stunned by the beauty of this river.

They were enjoying in unprecedented emerald green water and water falls like a fairytale, vivid and pristine coastline and beautiful surrounding landscapes.

One of these Romans, fascinated by the scenery, exclaimed, “Una!” (“One” or “only”). Well, that warrior expressed all the beauty of this river with a single exclamation. When he shouted “One!” he wanted to show that such a beautiful river does not exist anywhere else, it is a unique gem. Thus, they say, the river got its name, which remained to this day.

Fourteenth time in a row, this year as well, a touristic ride with a train will start from a train station in Bihac.

The event “Emerald valley of the river Una”, where tourists will have the opportunity to ride in open wagons and browse the deserted parts of National Park Una, will start on summer.

In partnership with the Rotary club Bihac, National Park Una will provide the unforgettable experience from Bihac to Martin Brod.

Fans of River Una will have the opportunity to enjoy the completely inaccessible areas to other means of transport and the untouched nature. Una railway normally goes through two states and on its long journey through the valley of the river Una, crosses the line between BiH and Croatia seven times.

Its total length is 177 kilometers, and long time ago, hundreds of trains used this line.

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