Label “GMO free” soon on the Shelves in BiH?

October 13, 2017 10:00 AM

We could find products labeled “GMO-free”, which guarantee that food does not contain genetically modified organisms, on the shelves in our country soon. The Food Safety Agency in BiH signed guidelines for the control and labeling of GMO-free products in April, and this process is entering its final phase.

“One of the basic rights of consumers is to have information based on which they will decide whether to consume a certain foodstuff or not. Because of that, labeling products has crucial importance, in this case without genetically modified ingredients,” said Zlatan Vujanovic, the Minister of Trade in the Government of FBiH.

“None of the companies is obliged to obtain a GMO-free label, but they can get it if they want to, after passing standardized controls,” said Dragan Brenjo, Deputy Director of the Food Safety Agency in BiH.

“No one knows how much genetically modified food there is on the shelves in our stores because that kind of research has not been done, but we certainly have it,” stated Minister Vujanovic.

This project was supported by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), which puts special emphasis on the production of soy, as the main protein culture, with the aim to reduce the import of genetically modified soy from overseas countries.

There is no evidence that GMO is harmful, but there is no guarantee that it is safe either. The obligation of us producers is to show the consumer what products are certified. I would personally recommend consumers to use products that are without genetically modified ingredients,” said Seval Suljkanovic, Executive Director of Bimal from Brcko.

This regional standard is even more important considering the fact that there are no standards for obtaining the label “GMO-free” at the EU level. The initiative for this label came from consumers since numerous studies have shown that majority of consumers are against GMO products.



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