Kudic and Buzar discussed Developments regarding the Migrant Crisis

Mufti of Bihać Hafiz Mehmed ef. Kudić received yesterday Mirsad Buzar, Deputy Director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mufti Kudić and Deputy Director Buzar discussed current developments regarding the migrant crisis and the organization of religious life for the migrant population, as well as other current issues within the scope of activities of the institutions they represent.

“I am grateful to the Deputy Director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, Mr. Mirsad Buzar, for his visit and the information he conveyed to us about the current situation in the “Lipa” camp. From the very beginning of the migrant crisis, the Islamic community has played a progressive role and has helped in various ways to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and to support the organizations in charge of distributing aid to this population,” said Mufti Kudić.

“At the request of institutions and organizations, we constantly responded to provide what they asked of us, and what was needed for the realization of religious activities of migrants. We told the Deputy Director that we in no way want the mosques to be used for any other purpose than as prayer spaces at the exact time indicated. I am glad that state institutions support our views on this. I am especially satisfied with the fact that state institutions have become more actively involved in this process and that they will manage this crisis in full capacity in the coming period,” said Mufti Kudić, the Bihać Mufti’s Office announced.

Buzar added that the Service would provide a space for social activities of migrants in the Lipa camp, and a space for religious activities was planned within that space.

“We are grateful to the Islamic Community for supporting us in that sense and helping us to provide adequate conditions for religious activities for migrants, who express a desire for that,” said Deputy Buzar.

Currently, there are more than 900 migrants in the reception center “Lipa” near Bihać. Last Friday, more than 120 migrants prayed the Jumu’ah prayer in this camp.

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