Do you know how Mile from Srebrenica saved Ramo’s Life?

February 27, 2017 12:30 PM

srebrenicaRamo Kadric from the village Gladovici near Srebrenica, on the 20th of April 1992, while coming to work to drive the bread around, did not know that he will look death in the eye.

However, thanks to the veterinary Mile, he remained alive, as reported by Deutsche Welle.

Many Bosnians, as well as Serbs, in April 1992, fled from Srebrenica. Those who stayed hid in their homes and did not go out unless it was absolutely necessary. In the city came armed Vukovar Corps in camouflage uniforms with ammunition belts across their chest, black gloves and hats on their heads.

Mile Janjic, a Serb from Srebrenica, now the owner of the only veterinary clinics in Srebrenica, is known as a man with a big heart. Mile, who is always ready for a joke, says that he was never afraid of anything, neither then.

“I was driving around through the deserted streets and came to the main square. A group of Vukovar corps soldiers was in front of an already robbed department store. I went closer and I saw that one of them raised his rifle and targeted the man on the plateau of entrance steps in the department store. I knew the man. “What are you doing?” I yelled at armed “soldiers”.”

He replied: “I caught Ustasha, so I want to kill him.” “How can you know who is Ustasha better than me and I live here, I know this man,” I yelled at him and I came to Ramo, while the armed Vukovar soldiers were whispering to each other, probably wondering who is this lunatic who goes unarmed against the gun,” said Mile.

Ramo Kadric came to work that April morning in 1992, as always, to deliver bread. In front of the bakery at the entrance to the city he was greeted by three policemen and under threat of death was forced to sing Chetnik songs.

“I sang as loudly as I can so that they do not kill me. They took me to the town square and handed to Arkan’s men to kill me. I was already half dead of fear. Then came Mile whom I already knew. He reassured them, arguing, and I did not understand till today’s day how he managed to stop them from killing me and saved me. If he had not come, I would be the first victim of the war in Srebrenica for sure,” says Ramo.

Ramo and Mile never met during the war again. They saw each other again in 1997. First, they spoke on the phone and agreed to meet in the bar “Dejton” above Sarajevo. Mile came from Srebrenica to see Ramo.

“It was hard and tearful encounter,” says Ramo with tears. “You’re looking at a man who left you in life, gave you life. He came to my house in Vogosca. We did not sleep. We talked all night. Before we returned, my wife was in Srebrenica. Mile was driving his car in the village to see her condition. When I returned, he helped me a lot. When I needed, he even borrowed me some money. Whatever he can help, he helps.”

Ramo returned to his native village in early 2001. He says that he is making a good living from agriculture and that he would not change his village for any city.



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