Do you know the Biggest Promises of Sarajevo Mayors?

efendicLocal elections were finished 3 months ago, and in most of local communities are formed new majorities in the municipal and city councils. So let’s take a look at the biggest projects and the most interesting promises in this mandate.

The Municipality of Stari Grad

Mayor of this municipality is Ibrahim Hadzibajric (Independent Candidate).

He offered simple and easily checked program, with small number of repeated promises. His key promises are from the area of communal infrastructure. Hadzibajric’s biggest capital projects are reconstruction of the Square of Alija Izetbegovic and Strosmajerova Street.

The Municipality of Novo Sarajevo

Mayor of this municipality is Nedzad Koldzo (SDA).

He is the mayor with smallest percentage of fulfilled promises during the last mandate. Repeated promises are: construction of ambulance on Hrasno Brdo, reconstruction of home of Bosko Buha, construction of 25 meters pool in Hrasno, construction of South Longitudinal. His capital project is construction of 7 roundabouts (three on the route of Southern Longitudinal, one on Pofalici, one next to Energoinvest, and one on the Square of Heroes and Cengic Vila.

The Municipality of Novi Grad

Mayor of this municipality is Semir Efendic.

He presented analysis of promised projects and their fulfillment. Repeated promises are related to opening of Tunnel of Sarajevo from the entrance on Dobrinja and Memorial Complex Zuc.

His capital projects are: construction of water purifier on Reljevo, construction of city motorway, construction of part of XII e, construction of Southern Longitudinal and the beggining of construction of XII transversal from Nedzarici to Dobrinja.

The Municipality Centar

Mayor of this municipality is Nedzad Ajnadzic (SDA).

He offered a very optimistic project to his voters. His capital projects are: reconstruction of Ice Hall Skenderija, construction of sport and recreation center Betanija, modernization of Kosevo Stadium, reconstruction of Hastahana Park, reconstruction of Radiceva Street and construction of open pool Zetra, public garage and pool Skenderija.

The Municipality of Novo Istocno Sarajevo

Mayor of this municipality is Ljubisa Cosic (SNSD).

He has very low rate of fulfilled promises. He denied previous promise on construction of ethno-village. His capital project is the construction of Aqua Park.

Key promises are: construction of the City Square, the construction of sports hall and the construction of road from roundabout to Kasindolskih Bataljona Street.

We’ve all seen their promises. Now let’s see if they will actually fulfill them.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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