King Harald V: Norway supports BiH

December 1, 2017 4:15 PM

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the Kingdom of Norway – Nedim Makarevic has solemnly handed the letters of accreditation to His Majesty King Harald V, which officially took the duty of the resident ambassador of BiH in Oslo.

Ambassador Makarevic expressed gratitude for the support and assistance that Norway has continually provided and still provides to BiH and its citizens through various humanitarian projects, such as demining and support projects for the judiciary, reconstruction, construction of technology centers and total aid so far for rebuilding of BiH.

Ambassador Makarevic discussed the current situation in BiH with King Harald V and expressed the wish for further intensification of cooperation in all areas, especially in the economic area. Ambassador Makarevic expressed his willingness to pay full attention to the motivation of Norwegian investors for more intensive investments in the BiH economy. They also talked about the possibility of Norway helping BiH to join NATO.

In a friendly conversation with Ambassador Makarevic, King Harald V said that Bosnians and Herzegovinians proved to be prominent citizens in Norway, very educated and valuable. The King expressed a warm welcome to Ambassador Makarevic, who is currently the youngest ambassador in Norway, and he emphasized that Norway will remain a sincere friend of BiH. He also emphasized that Norway is still ready to provide support to BiH through various programs. He noticed, however, that the volume of commodity exchanges between the two countries is at a low level and that it is the area where there should be more intensive cooperation.

During a really pleasant conversation, King Harald V recalled his stay in Sarajevo during the Winter Olympics in 1984. On behalf of the Presidency of BiH, Ambassador Makarevic invited King Harald V to visit BiH in the following period.



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