Jersey of Ronaldo With Autographs of Players of Real Madrid at B&H Auction

ronaldo_dresThe jersey of the best football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, will be sold through the Association, and all the money will be used for humanitarian purposes.

On the jersey, there are autographs by Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Karim Benzema and other stars of the ‘royal club’.

The jersey is a gift of B&H citizens who live in Sweden and who have already had several humanitarian actions.

‘’We have already received some offers for the jersey. We hope that people will recognize the noble act and buy a valuable item for themselves’’, said to the founder of the Foundation Elvir Karalić.

The auction will last until 31 May of this year. Afterwards, the person or company that offers the most for the jersey will be announced.

The offers can be sent exclusively via email at and

The starting price is 100 BAM.


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