Investigation Surrounding Irregularities During B&H Population Census

popis-stanovnistva_bih-2013_2The B&H Agency for Statistics sent a letter to the entity agencies for statistics yesterday to verify media reports with local census commissions on irregularities in the work of enumerators, and wherever the veracity of a report is established, to act immediately and have those enumerators excluded from the census.

The Central Census Bureau brought a conclusion that the entity statistics agencies have to provide information of the municipality where the irregularity took place and how many cases there are in which 20-30 members of a family were included in one household. After this information, the Central Census Bureau will give its opinion and reach a conclusion, announced the Census Bureau of the B&H Statistics Agency.

Numerous cases of irregularities continue to surface from the field, especially in the RS, where there are attempts to minimize the number of Bosniaks. It was added that this is mostly done by having enumerators refuse to add family members of Bosniak households who are not present at during census taking to the census list.

Bosniaks from Prijedor also face problems. Specifically, the organizers calculated that in the biggest returnee settlement of Kozarac, there would not be more than 1,900 people, so this is around the amount of census forms that have been prepared. However, on the seventh day of the census there turned out to be more than 2,000 people, but there are not enough census forms. Due to this, enumerators from Kozarac are requesting that more forms be sent from Prijedor, but this was not made possible, on the basis that for every household in Kozarac there is on average 2,5 enumerators, and that there are apparently no more census materials.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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