Introduction of Train Line between Belgrade and Zvornik postponed



The train line between Zvornik and Belgrade has not been established on Sunday because there are no conditions for that, News Agency Srna was told at Zvornik Novi railway station.

Director of the Zvornik train station explained that the border crossing between Serbia and BiH does not have all that is necessary equipment for passenger rail traffic across the border, that is, border and customs control, as well as supporting facilities.

Rail traffic on the Sabac – Mali Zvornik route runs daily.

Serbian Railways introduced the first departure from Belgrade to Zvornik, from Sunday, December 15, when a new timetable takes effect.

The Serbian Railways trains went over the Drina River after the reconstruction of the Sabac – Loznica railway was completed, when the line from Ruma to Zvornik was extended, but for the first time a line from the Belgrade Center station was introduced, so that, in addition to Zvornik, Sabac and Loznica will also have a direct rail connection, reports.

Departure from Belgrade should be at 14:02 o’clock, and arrival at Zvornik at 18:14 o’clock. Departure from Zvornik to Belgrade should be at 7:20 o’clock, and will arrive in Belgrade at 11.46 o’clock.

According to the new timetable for passenger rail transport, there will be 353 international and domestic trains.

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