The International Business Conference “Canton Sarajevo 2017” officially started

September 28, 2017 8:30 AM

All economic parameters in the first six months in Canton Sarajevo are on the increase, the number of employees is increased, and the inflow of investments, as well as cash, is higher, as noted at the International Business Conference Canton Sarajevo 2017, which started yesterday in Sarajevo, in the organization of the Ministry of Economy of Canton Sarajevo and the Chamber of Commerce of Canton Sarajevo.

Muharem Sabic, the Minister of Economy of CS said that CS wants to improve its business environment with the aim to enable easier access to financial resources for domestic investors, and in order for foreign investors to feel more comfortable.

“We still have an increase in the number of tourists and we consider it as a great success. The increase in the sector of tourism amounted to more than 16 %. The number of overnight stays is also increased, and retail sales were increased in the first six months of this year as well,” said Mahmutovic, and noted that the Government of CS made certain progress this year through the project LIFE.

Prime Minister of CS Elmedin Konakovic stated that he is satisfied with the current state of the economy in Canton Sarajevo in comparison to previous years. He noted that the number of employees was increased, while the number of people in the public administration was considerably decreased.

“There is an increased number of registered companies, which led to an increase in revenues in the budget of CS as well,” said Prime Minister Konakovic.

Participants in the conference are economic and financial experts from our country and abroad, as well as representatives of domestic and foreign companies from different sectors of the economy.

Within the conference was signed the Agreement on Business Cooperation between the Ministry of Economy of CS and Bosna Bank International.



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