Interesting way of raising awareness about pollution in Zenica

December 4, 2012 1:00 PM

A DJ from Zenica, Edin Gazic a.k.a. G. Edd decided to raise awareness of the youth about the pollution in Zenica on his party scheduled for the 8thDecember. This will be an interesting and rather strange event. In the premises of the Zenica’s ”Room 2” and Jazz Club in Zenica this party will be held. All visitors will wear gas masks.

This was Edin Gazić’s idea, because he thinks that it is the right time to call upon the ordinary citizen. ” This event does not have any kind of political interest; it is not our goal to call upon responsible people. We want to raise awareness of the youth on the topic of pollution in this city, and to try, together with them to ‘‘send out” the picture of the current state in Zenica.

DJ G. Edd invited all citizens of Zenica who want to have a great time to come to this event and bring an old gas mask. In case the visitors do not own a gas mask, they will get it at the entrance of the ” Room 2”.

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  • I completely understand Mr Edin, because he is an artist who is trying alternative ways to raise attention about the pollution. Maybe he will not influence the upper level of the Zenica’s authorities, but however he will raise attention to Zenica youth. It can be added that raising attention to youth will influence other levels of society

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