Interactive Map showing Floods in Real Time developed and published

The Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Banja Luka (GIS Laboratory) first developed and published maps of flooded areas in BiH in real time.

Professor Davorin Bajic, who has done this map, told Srpskainfo that maps can play a major role in managing floods, remedying consequences, future projections and analyzes, both for competent institutions and for the population.

The platform is very easy to use. The user selects a surface where the overflow maps (satellite and topographic) are displayed and selects the available floodplain map for available dates.

“The platform includes integrated maps of flooded areas that are generated on the basis of the radar satellite images of the European Space Agency from the Sentinel 1 program. These recordings are processed by complex algorithms and are characterized by flooded areas. A few hours after the passing of the satellite over the flooded area, the processed shots are already available on our platform. Time ranges of satellite passage and field recording range from one to three days, depending on the area,” explains Professor Bajic, Fokus news portal writes.

The map can be seen on this link.


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