Indirect Taxation Authority to build Three Million BAM worth Facility at Banja Luka Airport

The Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to invest three million marks at the Banja Luka airport next year in the construction of a joint facility for the accommodation of its own and the BiH Border Police officers.

The project must be approved by the BiH Council of Ministers, and funds should be provided from the BiH budget.

The explanation of the proposal of the decision on approving this project states that 2,900,000 BAM will be spent for the preparation of project documentation, obtaining approvals for construction and construction, while 100,000 marks will be needed for equipping.

It is estimated that the construction of the facility would take about 240 days. Banja Luka International Airport has fulfilled its obligation to provide land for the construction of the facility.

”The airports of Republika Srpska informed the Indirect Taxation Authority in a letter that this company purchased land at the airport location and that further realization can be started on the project in question,” it is stated in the document sent to public consultations.

ITA included this project in its plan for this year, but it was not included in the BiH budget, so the investment was extended for the next two years, writes

However, the fact that the ITA planned to complete this project within two years does not necessarily mean that it will succeed. The mentioned portal reminds that they have been trying to solve the problem of accommodation in Banja Luka for years, but they do not succeed.

Three public announcements were announced Back in 2013, the Council of Ministers of BiH approved the purchase of the facility for their needs in the value of 36 million BAM, as well as its equipment in the amount of 1.9 million BAM.

From 2014 to the end of 2018, three public announcements were announced for the purchase of a business facility, but there was no offer.

They started a new, fourth attempt a few days ago, and in Banja Luka there is a lot of speculation that it was “agreed” that the million-dollar deal be merged with the company “Grand Trade” of Mile Radisic, Avaz writes.

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