Indirect Taxation Authority seized 200 kg of Tobacco

Authorized employees of the Indirect Taxation Authority on the Sarajevo-Konjic road temporarily seized 200 kilograms of finely cut tobacco, which was not marked with ITA excise stamps.

The total market value of excise goods intended for the “black market” in Bosnia and Herzegovina is estimated at 34,000 BAM.

Carrying out intensified activities to prevent the illegal trade in tobacco and tobacco products, officers of the Group for the Prevention of Smuggling and Misdemeanors from the Sarajevo regional center of the ITA discovered 200 kg of finely cut tobacco intended for the “black market” in BiH.

Excise goods that were not marked with ITA excise stamps, and whose market value is estimated at the amount of 34,000 BAM, were discovered in a passenger motor vehicle on the road Sarajevo – Konjic. According to the instructions and instructions of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and the Court of BiH, the smuggled tobacco was temporarily confiscated, and reports against the perpetrator will be submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

In carrying out this action, ITA officials used the equipment, knowledge and skills acquired through a long-term training and equipment program by the US Government, through the EXBS program.

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