Increase in Producers of Strawberries in Semberija in BiH

April 9, 2019 2:00 PM

There are more and more strawberries producers in Semberija, which are produced both in indoor and outdoor areas. Strawberries from greenhouse could be on the market at the end of next week, and farmers expect a good price for the early breed.

“Strawberry is a very demanding e that has to be cultivated throughout the year, no matter what comes early and what the harvest ends at the end of the fifth or half of the sixth month. It also requires year-round irrigation, cleaning, storage for next season and rejuvenation,” says Mujo Bogaljevic, director of Agrofarmer Agricultural Cooperative from Janja told business portal.

Salko Beganovic from Janja has been producing strawberries for five years now. He says that this year is good for now, and he hopes that there will not be much rainfall in the open season that could lead to strawberry decomposition.

“Since July, planting has begun, there is a lot of watering, feeding, but these obligations are not a problem, as much as placement of the goods on the market. We could do much more to produce, without having any difficulties with redemption. The best solution would be if there was a medium price to secure a safe purchase,” Beganovic adds.

It can be well earned from strawberry production, and the return on investment is faster than for other fruit types.

Manufacturers hope for a good price and expect to get from 3 to 5 BAM per kilogram.


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