How the Anthem of Bosnia-Herzegovina sounds at Prokosko Lake, at 1,637 Meters above the Sea Level?



Belma Alic is the only doctor of the cello in BiH. She exclusively played the anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Prokosko Lake, at 1,637 meters above the sea level.

In the new issue of the VISIT BiH magazine, they also published reports from Hutovo Blato, Blagaj, rafting on Neretva River, and presented the tourist potentials of Banja Luka. They also announced the biggest film festival in this part of Europe – Sarajevo Film Festival.

Reporters of VISIT BiH also traveled by Talgo trains to the south of BiH and they sailed along the canyon of the Drina River. This magazine published several interesting stories about the tourist potentials of BiH, as well as successful BH companies and individuals.

Take a look at the video.

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