How much is costing the Three-Members Presidency of B&H

November 23, 2015 6:00 PM

presidency2According to the adopted budget for the FB&H for 2015, the total budget of the Presidency of B&H amounts to 7.75 million BAM. The three-member Presidency of B&H, according to the Audit Office of BH institutions, allocated 3.38 million BAM only for salaries of employees in 2014.

A total of 91 people was employed in the Presidency of B&H in 2014, and from the Secretariat of the Presidency of B&H confirmed that three members of the Presidency have a total of 11 consultants and 3 expert associates.

Presidency member Dragan Covic has 10 people employed in his office. Covic has 4 consultants, head of the cabinet, 3 secretaries and 2 drivers. In the Office of Mladen Ivanic is also 10 people employed. Ivanic has 4 counselors, 2 associates, 2 drivers, the head of the cabinet and one secretary. There is a total of 7 employees in the Office of Bakir Izetbegovic (3 consultants, one associate, the head of the cabinet, secretary and a driver).

Each member of the Presidency has a basic net salary of 4.750 BAM. The basic salary will be increased by 0.50 % for each started year of effective service. On this salary, other compensations will be added such as daily compensations, compensation for separate living, fees for accommodation etc.

Heads of cabinet have a base salary of 2.901 BAM, counselors have a basic salary of 2.140 BAM, while staff at the offices of the Presidency have a base salary of 1.117 BAM.



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