How is Bosnia ranked on the List of most Democratic Countries?



According to the latest democracy index for 2019, Bosnia-Herzegovina ranks 102nd in the world among 167 countries analyzed.

The “Year of Democratic backwardness and protests” report was published by the United Kingdom’s Economist newspaper, and the rating itself is based on a combination of expert ratings and survey results in the countries covered.

It states that five key indicators are taken to indicate the state of democracies in the states: the electoral process, transparency of government, participation in political life, political culture, culture and the level of civil liberties.

In the report, countries are divided into four categories, by regime type, into: full democracies, incomplete democracies, hybrid regimes and authoritarian regimes.

Bosnia is in the hybrid regimes category, with Northern Macedonia at 77th, Albania at 79th, and Montenegro at 84th.

Serbia is in the category of incomplete democracies in 66th place, as well as Croatia in 59th and Slovenia, in 36th place.

At the top of the Economist Democracy Index is Norway first, followed by Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand and Finland, followed by North Korea.

The Democracy Index has been in operation since 2006, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.


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