How Citizens of B&H can help Refugees who travel towards European Countries?

August 26, 2015 10:45 AM

refugees2Thousands of refugees from Syria and Iraq are trying to get to Europe over the Balkans in recent couple of weeks. The wave of refugees represents one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the past years, and many people want to join and help refugees.

Refugees need our help

Association from Sarajevo is realizing the action “All of us for 50,000 of them.” The primary aim of this action is to feed 50,000 people. However, due to the situation with Syrian refugees in Serbia, the Association officially joined the campaign to help refugees who are seeking salvation in other countries, and all of the funds intended for the project “All of us for 50, 000 of them” will be redirected to the action of collecting funds to help Syrian refugees.

For all questions related to this action, you can contact the phone number: 060 / 3488-599, or at the email:

Transaction account for payments from B&H:

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka B&H: 154-160-20044490-67

For donations from abroad:

Banks name:

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka B&H



IBAN: BA39 1541602004449067

Association Pomozi


Dr. Fetaha Bećirbegovića 8

71000 Sarajevo

Purpose: Help for Refugees



For this action are opened humanitarian numbers for calls from the BH Telecom network:

090 29 00 29 (to donate 1 BAM)

090 291 091 (to donate 2 BAM)

Association “Solidarnost” started a humanitarian action for support and assistance to refugees in Macedonia in the town Gevgelija. The action was started in cooperation with the Macedonian humanitarian organization Legis and Jasmin Redžepi.

Humanitarian organization Legis is distributing the aid packages which are containing food, hygiene supplies and clothes. Furthermore, activists of this association are providing help in counseling and referral of refugees. Each package is worth 1 EUR. This is the food for one meal, and it contains one bread, pate, croissant, energy drink and half a liter of water. More information about this action you can get by phone 061/604 – 093.

Your contribution can be paid on the account:


In BAM: 186-000-1053170055




IBAN: BA391860001653170151


Recipient: Association “Solidarnost”

Purpose: “For the Refugees in Macedonia”



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