Hotel Ero sold for 11 Million BAM

October 17, 2018 10:00 AM

Nevenko Herceg, Prime Minister of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and Zijad Krnjic, director of the Federal Institute for Pension Insurance, signed a contract on taking over of the hotel “Ero” by Government of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

By the process of agreement signing, the activities on the purchase of the hotel “Ero” have been completed, and this wil be the future location of the premises of cantonal authorities.

“By signing of the contract, we have completed the procedure of buying the hotel “Ero” for the needs of the Government and other cantonal administration bodies. The reconstruction of the hotel will be done to meet the needs of citizens who will be able to finish most of the administrative things in one place.”

The savings we will make on accommodation of the Government as well as the benefits that arise, will confirm the justification of this investment, for which we took the loan in the amount of 11 million BAM in the Development Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” stated Herceg.

Krnjic expressed his satisfaction that by agreement signing, the process of selling of hotel “Ero” is finished in a transparent way and in the mutual interest for both sides.

(Source: biznisinfo)



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