The Hague Tribunal refused to reconsider objection by Mladic’s Defense

ratko_mladic_EPAThe Hague Tribunal has refused to reconsider the already rejected objection of defense of Ratko Mladic to the indictment charging him with war crimes in BiH.

In the same decision, the Trial Chamber rejected the attempt of defense to appeal on the already made decision, reports news agency Tanjug.
In the objection to the indictment, the defense of Ratko Mladic claimed that in October last year, 106 incidents were listed in the indictment as “unclear” in terms of the time in which they occurred, the number of victims, crime scenes and that the “indictment failed to sufficiently identify the perpetrators of crimes”.

The defense then asked the Trial Chamber to declare parts of the indictment as “flawed” and not to consider in sentencing Mladic.

The judges rejected the complaint in November last year, saying it was not submitted on time, but almost five years after specifying the valid indictment.

After years of escape, Mladic was arrested in Serbia and extradited to The Hague in May 2011. His trial began in May 2012 and ended in December 2016. The First instance should be delivered by November 2017.

(Souce: radiosarajevo)


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