Hadzovic Family got a new Home from an anonymous Humanitarian

February 2, 2018 2:45 PM

After news about the difficult conditions in which members of the Hadzovic family from Mostar have lived so far, yesterday they have got, with the help of good people, a new roof over their heads.

Sabin, his wife Alena and two children will no longer live in a small house next to the hydroelectric power plant in Vrapcici, but in a new home where they can finally start a normal life.

True, they don’t have a furniture, but they hope that this problem will soon be solved. Key persons in the complete story were the cameraman from Mostar, Alan Hadzic, and Ines Jarak, who found a home for Hadzovic family. It is interesting that the owner of the house who had given it to them wanted to stay anonymous.

Sabin Hadzovic managed to find seasonal jobs during the summer, so he could earn money for  winter time. Lately, many fellow citizens helped them, and they provided this family with food, sanitation and heat, while the Primary School Vrapcici had earlier helped their son, who attended the third grade.


(Source: fokus.ba)


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