Great Support to the Workers of Dita Tuzla: An Incredible Demand for Products

June 19, 2015 8:36 PM

Dita Products Sold avaz.baAfter several years of protests and fight for their rights, the workers of Dita Tuzla are again at their work places. Workers of the pre-war giant are slowly stopping on their feet, but they need the support of the citizens of B&H.

Dita officially ceased its operations on July 28th, 2013. That day, the administration left the company, and the workers began to guard their property, being on duty in nine shifts for 24 hours a day. Today, 770 days later, Dita’s products are back on the shelves.

Thanks to the domestic retail chain Bingo, but also the incredible reaction of the BH citizens, artists, actors, singers, media and sincere friends, the products of Tuzla detergent industry will be found in homes across the country.

The sales started yesterday in Tuzla and, judging by the reaction, the Dit products have rapidly disappeared from the shelves of Bingo.

As they said in this BH retail chain, the sale is going unexpectedly. In the Tuzla neighborhood Sjenjak, Dita’s products were gone in an hour.

“Dita products sales is today going across the country. The support of the customers whose response was positive did not lack”, said Tatjana Paunoski from the marketing service of Bingo, that currently has 159 facilities in B&H.

46 workers are currently being engaged in Dita, and the repair of the installations that have not been operational since March 2013 is being carried out.

Dubioza Kolektiv, Frenkie, Association ”Kupujmo i koristimo domaće”, stand-up comedians and numerous other individuals and associations have provided help for Dita.

An action has been initiated over the social networks, in which the buyers take a photo with the products of Dita with the #selfiesaditom hashtag.

(Source: photo avaz)

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