Great Number of Citizens living abroad started receiving Ballots after Deadline

The election headquarters of ‘My Address Srebrenica’ informs that ‘a large number of citizens living abroad only started receiving ballots after November 15 this year in Europe and overseas, and their ballots will not be accepted, because arrived after the deadline ‘.

”This is an obvious violation of the right to vote, because many of them, who were not provided with the voting material on time, were denied the right to vote due to the omission made by the Central Election Commission when sending the ballots. The Central Election Commission, in accordance with its internal rules, was required to send ballots 45 days before the election. However, the first contingent with ballots was sent on October 21st 2020, which is a delay of 21 days, and the last contingent was shipped on October 26, with a delay of 26 days,” it is pointed out, Avaz writes.

”We wonder who will be held accountable for such obvious violations of the Election Law and election rules. The greatest responsibility lies with those who are the only ones responsible for preserving the integrity of the election process and the right to vote for all citizens of this country, and that is the Central Election Commission of BiH,” said in a press release the president of the election headquarters “My Address Srebrenica” Sadik Ahmetovic.

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