Great News: Baby Arslan is getting better, his Tumour is shrinking

March 30, 2018 9:00 AM

The health condition of eight-months-old baby Arslan Kulacic, who was transferred to Istanbul for the treatment of malignant brain tumour on January 30, is getting better, as confirmed by doctors at the clinic in Istanbul.

Leading physician at the Acibadem Clinic, Caglar Cuhadaroglu, stated that Arslan’s treatment is lasting for two months and his health condition is improving.

Dr. Cuhadaroglu noted that the third cycle of chemotherapy was successfully completed, and that Arslan’s brain tumour is shrinking, which is why the doctors decided for Arslan to receive the fourth cycle of chemotherapy.

“We noticed that the tumour is shrinking. In case that tumour remained the same, they would use another method. However, the tumour is shrinking, and thus there was no need for any surgical intervention,” said Cuhadaroglu.

Dr. Cuhadaroglu added that Arslan’s movements are very good, as well as his communication with his parents, and that his health condition is getting better.

The tumour also damaged Arslan’s eyesight, but it is slowly returning.

Numerous humanitarian actions have been started in BiH to collect the required 133,000 EUR for treatment of baby Arslan in Istanbul.








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